February 13, 2009: F is for Fibonacci 

I have posted a new section about Fibonacci numbers. It was supposed to be about how Fibonacci numbers relate to design, but in the process of doing research, I learned that a lot of everything having to do with Fibonacci numbers and design is questionable at best and bullshit at the worst. Instead I ended up exposing some of these misconceptions and focusing instead on the math-related aspects of the sequence. It's much easier to prove things that are mathematical facts. I hope you find my project to be entertaining and informative. This may be the last major update I will ever make to Zinn-X.

 March 6, 2006: Insomnia 

I haven't been able to sleep lately. Heh. It makes me crazy. Things are okay though. I'm back in school since staying in school is cool and drugs are bad, so I'm taking math classes and stuff. Oh I have an exam in five hours, so it's time to start studying for that.

You'll probably get a kick out of the new thing on F Sharp... it reflects my current mental state and employs some pretty slap-happy scripting.

Oh, and you might not notice it, but I pretty much got rid of that invisible frameset that this site was stuck in before. AJAX is a much more elegant method of dynamic server communication. Not that you should care, but the site has a slightly more elegant architecture, and it should now be visible to search engines. The Chess and Sillyputty pages are now using invisible IFRAMEs since the code to these pages is too horribly done for it to be worth converting to AJAX. Between now and when I built these pages, I've had nearly two years of commercial web site development in a full-time business environment, so you can be sure that forthcoming pages will be much more well-coded. I apologize for n00bish PHP code that you can't see anyway! Woo hoo! Fun fun fun!

Um yeah, that surely made tons of sense. I need to study for my music theory exam now. Ta ta!

 May 3, 2005: well it's been awhile... 

I've been kind of slammed with work. I plan to redesign Zinn-X.com very soon... right now I have a review of the Stasis NV6800C1 posted here.

You probably have no idea what that means. Anyway, the new site should look similar to that and be advanced to a new level of standards compliance. And there will actually be content.
It will probably be stuff for geeks though since I am now a full time computer nerd. So probably no more videos of crazy shit, although you can still get the final Scream Team video here. (37 megabytes).

Unfortunately, I doubt I'll ever be coming back to the Midwest. Too much has changed. I never expected to be making money out here. I never expected to enjoy my job. But the unlikely happened: I have a reason to stay, and my family is following me out here.

Just a news flash. It's been so long I doubt anyone reads this old site.

 October 12, 2004: new town, new job 

Hmm, it's been awhile since I updated... nowadays I'm living in Santa Cruz, have a tiny room all to myself and work at a computer company doing tech support and programming. Life couldn't be better. So whatever.

When this entry becomes visible on zinn-x.com, it will mean that the DNS change for the domain has successfully propagated and that the site is now hosted on my company's server.

My friend Duane Roberts of Mind Projection Internet Solutions had been giving me free hosting before, and for that I am eternally greatful. My employers are offering the same, and since they're an ISP, I have a lot more control over my setup and it's a bit closer to home. (The old server was in England)

As for updates, no guarantees for the time being. I'll try to get back to Zinn-X when I have another break from reality. If you're reading this message and you aren't me, then you're about one of ten people who regularly visits this site... so ... congratulations. I just wish this had caught on more for all the hundreds of hours I put into it.

Um... whatever.

 September 8, 2004: happy birthday to me 

Yipee! I'm not a teenager anymore. Is that something to be happy about? I dunno. Maybe it means I'm getting old and obsolete. I hope to be about a quarter done with life now, (plan to die at 81) and so far so good.

I just got back from the Canadian Rockies road trip... it was amazing! And apparently I'm not half bad at photography. Check out the new photos page. Maybe I'm just full of myself again...

So Monday is the big move. I'm not sure if I'll have Internet access anymore... Jesus! That thought scares me! I would take Internet over proper nutrition. So, guess I'll shell out $$$ for DSL and only eat Perkins and Starbucks every day instead of Aqua and Red Lobster. And I'll have to get a BMW instead of a Porsche. Too bad. Santa Cruz, here I come!!!

 August 27, 2004: skipping town 

up for two days straight now so busy just had so much to do recorded awful song with brother and illustrious andy zelman (hidden in obscure part of site) walked to food n fuel with broom for no reason and forced people at cub foods to listen to awful drank perkins bottomless pot of coffee paint living room ran out of paint while watching wet hot american summer eat a lot of oatmeal and cereal chug coffee (share with dad since he's getting up at time but he has to work) record a song (on music page) mow the lawn the blade got jammed in damp grass i should mow more than once every five weeks find out other site i run has been completely destroyed plot revenge to destroy perpetrator get more paint finish painting the room with the painting roller do laundry spill ink in the washing machine whoops clothes ruined (new wardrobe time) ask for money no money is given burn cd's for the road cd burning software crashes repeatedly anger rage cursing finally works have dandy warhols bohemian like you stuck in head all day damn damn damn damn i'm gonna go to santa cruz and beat that internet company that didn't hire me out of business i'm going to steal all their clients and see how they like me doing the same thing for half their price and still get rich

i'll be back in a week.

 August 25, 2004: In god we rust. 

If you look around you see a simple world cuz it's too easy.
You dislike gray and I dislike you not since I am too lazy.

It's just you must consume, absorb, have every
Thing that you do not need, but want, sickening me.
You pull me in, absorb my will, instigating
My life in this charade of your humanity.

Program us to tune out, drop in for a function
Of yours. Keep us fearing the worst every second
That you herd us into this cage you call freedom
It's not too late to break away from an awful pattern

Binary has a place--oh yes but its not perception.
Strangling someone else takes place through a disconnection.
Fueling the war machine keeps us in a misdirection.
Dividing us and them. (oh we're so much better)

Break it, smash it, throw it away:
Your dominated mind,
Or take all you see from an evil on top;
You might as well be blind

When the world bites back and it's time to pay
This hypertrophic charge,
It's a pretty price and I hate to say
"In god we rust at large."

 August 22, 2004: updates galore! 

The unemployment is going wonderfully. I've had a nice amount of time to work on the site in this short window of time before life gets serious again. So here it is: a brand new game for your gaming pleasure. Actually, two games in one. Check out the "focus" page, and be sure to notice the buttons in the lower corners.

Oh, and I couldn't get that stupid Men Without Hats "We can dance if you want to" song out of my head, so I did a cover of it to mock it. Check it out on the music page. Sadly, the damn thing is still stuck in my head.

Believe me, more updates are soon to come. The upcoming project should be VERY cool when it's ready.

Peace out!

 August 6, 2004: it's unemployment! 

Long time, no blog, eh? Perhaps I've been feeling more than a little sheepish at having pansied out of my truck unloading job. Having heavy machinery fall on your head and getting thrown into piles of damp, filthy laundry does tend to make a person less enthusiastic. But the temp agency has gotten me various other crappy manual labor jobs since. Whatever.

In any case, I've saved enough up to return to Santa Cruz and get a place, so that's good. Speaking of Santa Cruz, the Univerity (which I can no longer afford)sent me a packet with some forms the other day. But it wasn't just ANY packet of forms. No, it was super deluxe. The forms arrived in a high quality, full-color printed folder that looked like it had been designed by a professional graphic designer. "WOW," said I, "this is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing!" And it only probably cost $3 to print the damn thing. Multiply that by 15,000 resident students (forget postage and graphic designer fees), and the whole project still doesn't cost as much as it would cost me to go to school there this fall as an out-of-stater. But that's not my point.
What really bugs me is that the place spends tens of thousands of dollars designing, printing and mailing total frivolities when they're broke, their students are broke and they have to raise the cost of tuition faster than inflation to keep from totally collapsing. It just doesn't make sense! I tell you, it's crazy!

Um, as for the site, no major updates lately. I've been thinking about making a computer game in Flash and even designed a few sprites. Here's our hero, the fabulous Zinn:
it's Zinn!
Hope you like. Ta ta for now.

 July 19, 2004: it's work! 

Last time I blogged, I believe it was the night after my first day on the job, I was raving about my crappy job. Thankfully, my company rewards the long-time employees who tough it out and hang in there. So on my second day, I got promoted.

Now I work on the loading docks. It's 50 hours a week of heavy manual labor. And you know what? I love it. It's much more fulfilling than folding napkins all day, it's getting paid to work out, and it's driving trucks around. And all the overtime I'm getting makes it even better!

Ahh, I love my job. I suppose the promotion could have had something to do with the last person who had the job being fired, (and who subsequently returned to threaten my manager, if only to have the police called on him) but I like to think of it as a gift from heaven.

It is all part of my plan to return to Santa Cruz this fall. Since I'm out of state AND the economy is fucked, it would cost $40,000 to go back to school at the University of California in Santa Cruz for another year. Screw that. I'm saving up money to move down there, get a place, and work until I establish residency. Then it will be relatively free to go to school there and Pop Tarts will grow on trees.

And no more midwest.

 July 14, 2004: chess update 

Per the request of the illustrious AndyZelman9000 (who totally kicks my ass at chess) I've made it so that each player starts out with their pieces on the bottom. Before, white would always be on the bottom, and black would always be on top, but no more!

I had to modify quite a bit of code to achieve this, so new bugs may have been introduced. So, as always, be on the lookout!

I hope this makes the game feel more like natural to whoever plays as black. I really appreciate comments, suggestions and feedback, and hope to get more of them!

Blah, it's 5:40 AM and I have to go to work soon. Which sucks (more than it normally would) because I can't sleep because I've been having nightmares about how I hate this job. I have to stand slightly hunched over for 8 hours in this 120 degrees Farenheit laundry room and fold napkins and towels as quickly as possible as they're spat out of this giant industrial drying machine that blasts hot air in my face. It's so much fun, the nightmares were about how I wish I could work their 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but CAN'T.

Whatever, at least it's $$$. Peace out.

 July 10, 2004: Z-Chess Beta 

Well, I finally buckled down and finished it. Z-Chess is ready to go! It's a real-time two player chess game. Just find a friend, sign up and get a game going. Right now it's still in beta testing and may be a little buggy, but it's playable (when the server isn't being all erratic).

I wrote it because I like playing chess with my friends. We're all spread out across the country now, so there's no way to play in person, and Yahoo chess is ugly and distracting (banners). I've made Z-Chess to be aesthetically simple, yet extensively functional. I hope you'll agree.

It should work fine, but if something DOES go wrong, try closing your browser and coming back. As long as one person stays in the game, it won't disappear off the list.

Oh, and another thing: if you find that it won't let you move a piece to a place you normally could, IT'S NOT A BUG! You'd be moving yourself into check, and the game treats it the same way as if you tried to move a rook diagonally.

Anyway, be on the lookout for bugs (and a man called X) and give me a holler if you find any. Enjoy! :-)

 June 29, 2004: the surprise 

I woke up with the intention of taking a piss and going back to sleep. And who should I meet in my bathroom? Only the biggest and meanest son of a gun this countrystate has ever seen. Blah, I can't believe these things come in this size. Is nothing sacred anymore??

it's a keeper!

BTW, I'm still plugging along on that Chess thing in the few hours I'm awake daily. The chat function is turning out to be a bitch, but it's coming. Okay, peace...

 June 27, 2004: mononucleosis 

Well if it seems as if there haven't been any updates for awhile, it's because I've been sick in bed with mono for the last week. I'm a bit better now, on the recovering side (as opposed to the semi-suicidal immobile side) and it's back to work.

Coming real soon is ZChess- the online multiplayer chess extravaganza. I know I've been saying that for awhile, but now I'm actually well enough to finish it. Give me a week. The non-fuctional version is already posted!

 June 10, 2004: rage 

Wow. What a novelty to be regular and not shitting on five day intervals. That's one thing I won't miss about dorm food.

But all is not well. I am overflowing with an unusual amount of rage. A fair amount is alright--it's what pushes me to be creative. But this is stifling.

I'm back in homophobic midwest shithole Duluth, Minnesota. My best friend is leaving. I don't feel close to anyone anymore. Bitch bitch bitch.

At least I would still make a good drug addict.

 June 6, 2004: back home to duluth 

Yes it's true... I'm back in Minnesooooota for the summer. It's good to be home, although I already miss all my friends in Santa Cruz. My travels went well except for this $25 overweight luggage fee cuz my bag was 15 pounds over the 50 pound limit. Oh well. Worse things have happened to better people. Like poor old Ronald. Hopefully this summer will be nonstop excitement and entertainment. The Insplackible Paul McNaney and I will be making lots of awesome music, the likes of which the world has never heard. Music page. There shall be lots of time to make Zinn-X zinnier.

Speaking of that, I've made a couple of minor modifications to a few pages to make them run better. Most notably the homepage now has a "loading" screen while it's loading. The damn thing is 40 kilobytes of source code, and often the page would render before the scripts were loaded leading to Javascript glitches. No more. Other minor stuff will go unnoticed in the vast sea of human consciousness, much like the rest of this site. BAH.

I have enclosed a picture of myself looking cracked out.

Ok, bye bye!

 May 31, 2004: music page 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, past friends, present friends and future friends, let the music begin! (sobbingly) Yes, that's right! Thepatheticmusic page is simply ready for you snot nosed acorn eaters to belch at. You can download a lot of the old music Paul McNaney and I put together.

Keep in mind that this is simpeningistickeningly going to be updated with new songs over the summer as we produce moooore music. The Kill Yourself song is coming. It's going to be ready before the world is ready for it.

Cheese out!

 May 22, 2004: flash animation 

Check out the new page called "snoino."

So now I regret buying that Macromedia Flash MX 2004 for Dummies book. I figured out how to use the software on my own, and now I'm out $20. Oh well. Maybe spending money gave me more motivation to learn or something.

I think I have a pretty good grasp on Flash, which isn't bad for only just a few days of struggling. There's still a lot left to learn, (like how to make an awesome computer game). Maybe I'll do that over the summer.

Alright, peace out.

 May 20, 2004: learning flash 

Hello. This post serves as a test of my improved blogging system which stores entries in a database and allows people to quickly jump from entry to entry with the little arrows on the lower left corner. Big whoop. Eventually I hope to put something in that allows people to comment. As if anyone even comes to this site.

Not much is new in Santa Cruz. I'm (guiltily) enjoying my lighter class load this quarter. Since I had to withdraw from precalculus I've had so much more time to work on Zinn-X. Speaking of that, a little earlier this week, after I posted the secret page (ooh), I realized that I had run into a wall: the design in my head couldn't be fully expressed with the tools I've been using to build this site. So far, Zinn-X has been a testament to the true power of combining DHTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP. But these have their limits, and now I've been feeling somewhat constrained by them. So although I've wanted to remain a raw-code purist, this will no longer be possible: I'm a designer, not a programmer. In order to increase my design potential, I'm gonna have to break down and start using Macromedia Flash to create some of my newer designs.

That also means I'm going to have to learn how to use Macromedia Flash. I've already got a decent start on it, and after I receive Macromedia Flash MX 2004 For Dummies, I'll become a lot more proficient. Keep an eye on the new "flash" page (the A key) ... as I learn more, it should get flashier :-D All right, that's all for now. Peace out.

 May 15, 2004: first post 

Ooh, you may notice this blog thing wasn't here before. Big whoop. It's actually kind of nifty. I thought having the word "blog" in the corner like that was distracting and detracted from the design, so I made it only flash if there's a new entry since your last visit. Otherwise it's very discreet.

I put this here because I decided I'd like to be able to sound off on Zinn-X. It is my personal site, so I might as well make it somewhat personal. My life isn't particularly exciting or special. I don't see why anyone should be too interested in what I have to say, but that's not gonna stop me.

Anyway, here's what I have to say: I'm somewhat pissed off. I got in last night after a really relaxing hang-out session to find a note reading "Go to Hell Jeff" shoved under my door. I'm not as upset about someone in these dorms hating me as I am about the fact that somewhere near me lurks a pitiful coward who lacks the balls to confront me face to face. This person is a pathetic waste of organic material and a blight upon humanity. At this point, whoever is responsible for this act of cowardice would be wise to remain in hiding, because if I ever find out who did it, I WILL ELIMINATE THAT PERSON FROM THE GENE POOL.

That's all. Thank you for your time.